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Pine State Beverage Co. is the leading beer and wine distributor in the state of Maine.  We are committed to servicing our customer's retail and on-premise needs.  Our dedicated sales team, top-notch marketing department, and caring customer support team offer assistance for servicing every facet of the wholesale beverage business. 

Pine State's "Malt Beverage Division" was created in 1952 and sold just a handful of items. Over the years the division continued to grow and added a wine division in 1971.  In 1974, a beverage warehouse was built on 8 Ellis Ave, Pine State Trading's new home since moving from Maple Street in Augusta in 1966.  Pine State's warehouse continued to expand with an addition in Augusta in 1988, a purchase of a warehouse in Bangor in 1990 and another 80,000 sq. ft addition in Augusta in 1998.  In 1997, Pine State expanded it's wine business to include the State of New Hampshire.

Finally, in 2003, Pine State decided to build a dedicated, 166,000 sq ft, state of the art beverage warehouse in Gardiner, ME and began shipping product from the new location on May 15, 2004.  Pine State Beverage now employs over 250 people and between the warehouses in Gardiner and Bangor, Pine State can easily support the wants and needs of all it's customers in Maine and New Hampshire.

Beer Division

Pine State's Beer Division consists of 39 sales representatives covering a wide variety of retail and on-sale businesses, offering over 1300 different SKUs to our customers.  Supporting our sales representatives in the market is a talented group of merchandisers and draft line cleaners.  Our beer portfolio consists of a wide variety of different SKUs including Domestic items (Miller, Coors, & Woodchuck), Craft brews (Sam Adams, Shipyard, Geary's, Baxter & Gritty's), and Imports (Corona, Heineken, &Guinness).   Learn more about our Beer Division and the rest of the items we offer.

Wine Division

Pine State's Wine Division includes 20 retail reps and 11 on-sale reps selling over 5000 wine SKUs from all over the world to all parts of Maine, from the Mountains to the Coast.  Our team takes care of all types of accounts from supermarkets to convenience stores to fine wine retail to restaurants and bars.  Find out more about our Wine Division.

Shelf Management

Are your coolers and shelving units set up so they will maximize your beer & wine sales?  Pine State's Shelf Management program is the perfect way to ensure that you have maximized the usage of your cooler and shelf space.  As your category manager, Pine State will work closely with you to make sure you have the most popular items in your store and that they are in a location in your cooler that will increase your sales and profit.

Wine Staff Training

Training your staff on all of the different aspects of selling wine can be a daunting task.  What is the correct way to present a bottle of wine to a consumer?  What's the correct way to open a bottle of wine?  How do I pour wine correctly into the glass?  What are the different types of wine?  All of these questions and more can be answered by our very knowledgeable wine team when you schedule a time to train your staff and visit our Wine Tasting Room.


"Excellence in Service"

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